Main Bathroom RemodelledRenovating a bathroom can be a very exciting project for all involved and with such an incredible variety of styles and features to choose from – there’s no reason to settle on the mundane. Unlike other parts of a home, a shower room will often be exposed to one particularly potent element; water. This substance can take a drastic toll on the wrong types of materials and this can put a spanner in the works when it comes to bathroom design ideas; but there are other options available.

Laminated materials

Setting aside the idea of tiles for a moment, it’s not uncommon for a bathroom to feature other types of materials. If these materials aren’t sufficiently waterproofed before (or shortly after) installation, then they could soon begin to warp and deteriorate as they are exposed to water. Laminating can help with this event and there are dozens of materials that can be coated in this fine plastic layer.

Ceramic tiles

Many people opt for regular tiles when renovating a bathroom and as functional as they can be, they will usually be nowhere near as strong as ceramic alternatives. These types of tile are very strong and durable, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The biggest benefit is that they are entirely waterproof and when combined with water-resistant grout, they can make a fantastic addition to any bathroom space.

Chrome plated fittings

Chrome is well known for its shine, but it also happens to be incredibly effective at deterring water build-up. There aren’t many colour schemes that couldn’t benefit from the introduction of a stylish silver hue and thanks to the inexpensiveness of Chrome, there’s no reason why an entire set of matching handles and fittings couldn’t be purchased and installed.

You might have noticed that each of these materials are entirely customisable in nature and won’t interfere with any pre-defined colour scheme, or style. This makes it easy to ensure that they are included, without impacting the look and feel of your bathroom’s aesthetic appearance.