Pest Control Tips and Techniques for Home Owners

Creepy crawlies have a way of climbing through even the smallest of crevices and cracks – and as the seasons change, the entire year can pose a consistent threat to home owners hoping to keep their properties clean and clear of pests. Even a stray ant can soon report back to its comrades and before long, an entire colony might decide to make its way through tiles, grout and even furniture in a bid to find food and shelter.

When these events take place, the responsibility will typically fall down to the owner to rid their property of all unwanted critters. Calling a pest control service can be a great solution, as they will be able to tackle even the most severe of infestations. But what if the residents would prefer to avoid the situation altogether?

If a clean home is on the agenda (and one without the signs and symptoms of a bug invasion), then take a look at these pest control tips.

Strong scents can be great deterrents

There aren’t many insects and small mammals that will want to nest in areas that possess their own strong scent. Antennae, noses and other senses are a lot more heightened within animals and so if a home owner makes a point of using incense, burning essential oils, or spraying fresh scents around their home, even the most determined of critters will turn tail and leave.

Humane traps are a great solution

Glue traps for ants and other small insects can put a halt on any invasion attempt, whilst humane traps for mice, rats and rodents in general can be a great way to avoid killing them. There’s also the option to sprinkle rodent pellets if the infestation is too much to bear – just be sure to place them well out of the reach of children and away from pets.

Call out the professionals

If the invasion is becoming harder and harder to keep on top of, then the only other option may be to hire the services of a professional. Pest controllers are experts at treating, removing and deterring unwanted guests- and there aren’t many animal infestations that they can’t deal with. From removing entire colonies of wasps all the way to getting rid of a stray snake, they can be a great option for those in need of assistance.